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On October 24, we had our second EFI meeting, where all PIs, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, as well as all students involved in the project joined. The meeting was kindly hosted by Prof. Ben Fabry at the Biophysics group. We had extremely fruitful discussions about the great new results we w...

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Prof. Ellen Kuhl from Stanford University is visiting the FAU from June 17, 2019, to June  28, 2019. She is a world-leading expert in the computational modeling of living matter physics. During her stay at FAU she is teaching the block course “Introduction to Neuromechanics”, which discusses the ...

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Dipl. Ing. Alina Weizel from the Chair of Microfluidics, University of Rostock, is visiting the FAU to mechanically characterize substitute materials for articular cartilage and to calibrate material parameters for Finite Element simulations through an inverse parameter identification scheme.