Visiting professor from Stanford University, USA

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Prof. Ellen Kuhl from Stanford University is visiting the FAU from June 17, 2019, to June  28, 2019. She is a world-leading expert in the computational modeling of living matter physics.

During her stay at FAU she is teaching the block course “Introduction to Neuromechanics”, which discusses the role of mechanics in neuroanatomy, neuromorphology, and pathological conditions. It introduces the fundamentals of continuum mechanics to help understand morphological abnormalities including lissencephaly and polymicrogyria, which are associated with neurological disorders including schizophrenia and autism, brain tumor growth, hydrocephalus, or traumatic brain injury.

Prof. Ellen Kuhl will hold a seminar talk on “Machine learning in drug development” on Friday, June 28, 2pm, Immerwahrstr. 1, room H17, within the course of our Emerging Fields Initiative project “Novel Biopolymer Hydrogels for Understanding Complex Tissue Biomechanics”.