Visiting researcher Alina Weizel from the University of Rostock

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End of November Alina Weizel from the University of Rostock visited the group. She is working on modeling the electrical and mechanical stimulation of hyaline cartilage and also collaborates with Prof. Aldo Boccaccini and Thomas Distler from the Chair of Biomaterials (WW7) at FAU (shown on the photos) within the SFB/CRC 1270 ‘ELAINE‘ (Electrically Active Implants).

Together with Dr. Silvia Budday, Alina Weizel is working on the mechanical testing, modeling and inverse parameter identification of cartilage scaffold materials, some of which are provided by Prof. Boccaccini and his group. According to the principles of our EFI project, we also got to test human cartilage from a body donor as a reference thanks to the great efforts by Prof. Friedrich Paulsen and Lisa Stache from the Chair of Anatomy.

Overall, we look back to a productive stay, which clearly helped us advance our project work.